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Leveraging AI to Supercharge Your Enrollment Marketing

Broadly speaking, when we think of AI, we are talking about computers and computer programs that can simulate the human processes of thinking and decision-making through programs. Or, more appropriately, make rational, data-driven decisions. Typically, we are talking about Large Language Models (LLMs) and Machine Learning. These models can analyze and understand very large sets of data and then predict the next rational output. They rely heavily on existing data, have been trained to recognize patterns in that data, and then predict what “should” come next, whether that is a word, a predicted outcome, or an arrangement of pixels. AI is not sentient – it cannot think for itself. It takes no action without some kind of prompt, either in the form of user input, a pre-programmed command, or timed instruction. The data sets these tools use and the way we interact with them determine the outcomes and usefulness of AI.

There are now a number of publicly available AI platforms that can be leveraged for low or no cost. While these platforms may have slightly different capabilities and limitations, the general foundation behind them is the same. The platforms are changing so rapidly—with new ones appearing every day—that it is impossible to provide a breakdown of the most popular platforms or make any recommendations on which tool might be right for you. It is best to experiment with several platforms and continue to test and refine how you interact with the tools, depending on your needs and use cases. 

Learn Three Ways to Use AI in Your Marketing Today:

  1. Content development for modern higher education
  2. Enhancing the student experience
  3. Deep data analysis for greater advertising efficiency

Ready to Get Started with AI? 

While there are almost limitless ways higher ed marketers are leveraging AI and LLMs to improve efficiency and outcomes, we're here to help you cut through the noise and identify actionable strategies for improving your marketing with AI. 

1. Generative AI

AI-powered content creation tools can be invaluable for higher education institutions looking to scale their content marketing efforts. These tools generate high-quality articles, blog posts, and even video scripts based on predefined topics and keywords.

While you can't simply ask a Generative AI platform like Chat-GPT or Bard to spit out a blog article and expect it to be ready for prime time, there are several ways you can improve your content creation processes with Generative AI. From ideation to research and content creation, Generative AI is a powerful tool that can save you time and energy with the right strategies and a bit of practice.

2. Enhancing the Student Experience

As the educational landscape continues to evolve, personalization emerges as the driving force. Students are more connected than ever, and they expect personalized experiences in every aspect of their lives. Generative AI can work wonders in creating highly engaging content and experiences that resonate with these students.

This advanced technology opens new possibilities for tailored marketing strategies that resonate with digitally savvy students, automate essential tasks, and drive enrollment and retention.

3. Optimizing Performance and Data Analysis

AI serves as a transformative solution for automating routine tasks that used to take up much of a marketer’s day. This automation not only reduces the workload on staff but also ensures that these tasks are carried out efficiently. 

What we end up with is an AI-enabled full-funnel marketing strategy that integrates everything from persona-driven programmatic advertising buys to measuring impactful micro-conversions throughout the consideration phase, and mass-customized targeted engagement throughout the student journey.

Supercharge Your Enrollment Marketing Now

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