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About the Report

The Online College Students 2021 report furthers insight into the current preferences and demands of online college students during a time of massive transition in higher education. The data uncover important insights into the opinions and motivating factors of online students, based on a survey of Graduate and Undergraduate online students taken in the second quarter of 2021. This report provides colleges and universities with the information they need to effectively promote online programs that will best meet the needs of today’s students. Uncover student views on online learning, student support services, financial factors, and the determining factors in the decision-making process. Download the report today and improve your online program enrollments. 

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  • The most influential factors when students are selecting a college or university
  • The most successful enrollment coaching strategies for converting more prospects to students
  • The most popular programs that attract online students
  • The most important career services colleges and universities can offer online learners
  • The most valuable relationships schools can form within their local community

About the Report

The pandemic rapidly altered the state of higher education and forced students to turn to an alternative - online learning. In the Online College Students Report, EducationDynamics survey of 1500 online learners provides relevant and important data of online students and their preferences. The data presented within the report illuminate the demands and preferences of the newest cohort of online students; those who engaged in online study in the past year during a time of rapid change in the education landscape.

There is no doubt that the landscape of higher education has been permanently altered, and the past year has proven to be a challenging time for students and educators alike. While learners were given little to no say in the transition to remote learning, we have gained material further evidence that online learning is a largely successful platform that is only just beginning to reach its potential.

We believe the colleges and universities that listen and respond to learner needs will be best positioned to succeed in this reshaped world. Learn more about the demands and preferences of online college students with the latest information on online learning. Dive deeper into the services and programs that online students are most likely to use and enroll and the best ways to assist them pre and post-enrollment.