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About the Report

The eLearning Index is an insightful look into the latest trends in student demands and program availability. This report contains select secondary research and proprietary analysis pertaining to the higher education industry, labor market statistics and key benchmarks.  ​The eLearning Index is here to help higher education leaders better understand the most popular areas of study relative to what’s available and takeaway the opportunity to develop career-ready programs to meet the student demand.


Key Takeaways:

  • Understand student demand for degrees and programs
  • Understand the competitive supply of degrees and programs
  • Understand the growth in specific degrees and programs

About the Report

The EducationDynamics eLearning Index is the annual research study analyzing aggregated data gathered from proprietary and secondary resources.

The eLearning Index presents the most comprehensive profile of prospective student demand for degrees available today. In this report, we profile prospective student interest in over 3,000 degree and certificate programs offered by more than 300 accredited colleges and universities in order to ascertain: 1) which programs are most popular today, 2) which programs experienced growth or contraction in interest among prospective students, and 3) which programs may offer opportunities for expansion in the future.