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About the Report

In an increasingly complex and competitive environment, the most successful schools understand the landscape and the external factors driving student behavior, and adjust their marketing strategies accordingly. When it comes to meeting enrollment and retention goals, having a good understanding of the state of higher education and focusing on student needs and demands remains the key to success. In our latest report, Survey of the Higher Ed Landscape 2022, we uncover how higher ed institutions can find new strategic ways of attracting and serving today's students.


While higher education continues to face headwinds driven by economic, demographic, and social shifts, we are beginning to see some positive trajectory in key areas.

This is a point of transition for both higher education and students. Download the report today to understand how to pivot your institution and find new ways to position your school for enrollment stability and growth.

What's Inside the Report:

  • The economic landscape and the correlation between unemployment rates and education attainment
  • The effects of the great resignation on higher education and employment
  • The top 10 employment growth areas by detailed occupation
  • The impact of the federal loan forgiveness program
  • Long-term enrollment projections from 2023 to 2030
  • The biggest enrollment growth opportunities now and in the future