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This year's report confirmed many findings and labor market and economic trends that will impact enrollment in the coming year. We've identified new opportunities to grow enrollment through online programs serving students with some college but no credential and other working adults. While it's difficult to forecast future enrollments, the Department of Education still projects enrollment growth in the twenty-five and older population, which provides hope and a path forward for bold institutions ready to pivot their approach to student marketing and enrollment management.

The next few years will be a true period of transition for both higher education and students. As we enter the post-pandemic future, institutions must provide career-ready education, support flexible program offerings, and respond to ever-changing student demands and preferences in an online-first world. The Survey of the Higher Education Landscape 2022 provides the insight needed to understand the current landscape and how to best serve today's online and working adult students.


What's Inside the Report:

  • The economic landscape and the correlation between unemployment rates and education attainment
  • The effects of the great resignation on higher education and employment
  • The top 10 employment growth areas by detailed occupation
  • The impact of the federal loan forgiveness program
  • Long-term enrollment projections from 2023 to 2030
  • The biggest enrollment growth opportunities now and in the future