December 7th @ 2:00 PM ET

Continuing the Conversation - Adapting to the New Higher Ed Landscape and Understanding Engagement Benchmarks

This paradigm shift leaves institutions with the challenge of developing a marketing and student success ecosystem that attracts, excites, and retains the "some college no credential" students who have chosen their own path and are empowered by technology.

Students choose their own pathway to education; based on their life, values, and motivations. As students explore their options to find the right path for their lives, institutions are stepping up to the challenge of engaging and serving this population.

In this webinar, you'll learn:

  • The economic landscape and the correlation between the unemployment rate, educational attainment, and more
  • The demographics of the "some college no credential" population
  • The reasons why "some college no credential" students drop out in the first place
  • The trends of online learning in higher education
  • The current job market and societal shifts in behavior and lifestyles
  • The shifts and changes in overall student enrollment
  • The long-term enrollment projections for 2023 and beyond

Featured Presenters:

Katie Tomlinson
Sr. Director, Analytics and Business Intelligence

Katie Tomlinson is the Master of Math and the Guru of graphs. She is EducationDynamics’ Diva of Data. Amazon is jealous of the warehouse that Katie uses to store and serve EDDY’s data. As the Senior Director of Analytics and Business Intelligence, Katie oversees data management and reporting, and enables EDDY’s complex optimization efforts. She is tireless in her efforts to document, share, and use data from proprietary sources, marketing channels, and external sources. On the rare occasion, she does rest, Katie dreams in binary code.


Jim Fong
Chief Research Officer & Director, Center for Research and Strategy

Jim Fong has more than twenty years working as a marketer and researcher in the higher education community. Prior to joining UPCEA’s Center for Research and Marketing Strategy, Jim worked as a higher education strategic marketing consultant and researcher for two firms and prior to that was the Director of Marketing, Research and Planning for Penn State Outreach. While at Penn State, he was responsible for managing teams of marketing planners, competitive analysts, market researchers and enrollment management staff.